Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Victoria Secret In-Store Experience

I recently made a stop to Victoria Secret to exchange something I didn't think I would really use and to get some new bras that I desperately needed. Despite the fact that I have lost a decent amount of weight the past year, most of my bras seem to not fit right. too big here, not big enough there,poking, pillowing... Uggggg

So the first lady I spoke with seemed absolutely clueless, she had to call the manager several times over the secret service style ear bud while I waited in line. She told me that she needed to speak with the manager and that she would get back to me, so I wondered and shopped, even  got a fitting! I was a little freaked about the idea of getting fitted for a bra, the reality of two quick measurements and being told what size I should look at seemed to easy to be true, so I tried a few bras on, what i normally get and what she told me to get... Nothing like getting proved wrong by a tape measure... such is life, but now I know, lol

I finally found a strapless, multi function bra that seems to be the perfect size. I was really excited but felt like a creeper taking my own pic in a lingerie store

I seriously love how all the bras are displayed. Why haven't I ever taken the time to shop here before....
(I blame my mom, she always told me they sell the same stuff at kmart for a 3rd of the price... NOT)

I am so happy with my purcheses and my visit to Victoria Secret. The Staff wasn't the best, they all seemed pretty clueless(except for the lady with her ruler that "sized" me)

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