Thursday, September 25, 2014

Bye Bye Gall Bladder

A lot of things got put off because I had Surgery at the end of September. I ASSumed with all my time off I could do lots of blogging, catch up on school, and a ton of other random things. Let me just say, NONE of that happened. I took a few pics, did my nails once and slept... a lot...
I dont know if you know this, but there is a lot of waiting that goes along with having surgery. lots of boring waiting....
Since I recently lost my cat Trent, I brought a stuffed animal version I had found in some boxes I had recently brought over from my parents house
(because I thought I would have time to go through them, lol)
My Besty brought me a Hobbs :-)
I basically looked like a giant 5 year old hanging out in pre-OP
they kept me smiling, no nerves here, just smiles
Sexy Leggings for everyone!!!
Cool headware
(and lots of pain meds)
Selfie mode was definitely activated 
Selfies with my Besty back home
Selfies with my BF's daughter
She was the best helper that weekend. She even helped me paint my toes <3

I couldnt see my incisions, had to take pictures of that just to get an idea
The one thing I did do, an awesome Anime Manicure

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